A MESSAGE FROM NEIL VIEWPOINT-a-message-from-NEIL-1408 photo: Michael Miller MAKING A RECORD TODAY

The new album is finished. Now comes the long wait for manufacturing vinyl. Listeners want vinyl for its quality and it’s worth waiting for. I would love this record to be out now but it won’t be out until later in this year. A couple of months before its release, some tracks will be featured to stimulate pre-orders, appearing one at a time for a couple of months.

The music on this album of course is very special to me. I want you to hear it right now. Back in the day, I would take a vinyl test to a DJ in LA somewhere and get the new record on the air waves. That was exciting. Feedback was instantaneous. People would call up the station and comment on the new music.

Now, with this recording, something special is happening and we know we have a good one. It’s too early to say any more because in this world things come and go so fast. But real magic lasts and we think we have it.

Rick Rubin and I have produced the record and made the vinyl. That first edition will be improved upon when it gets to CD, but essentially it will be what it is on the vinyl. So it’s too late now to change the contents of the vinyl and some things will be a bit different in the digital versions, having evolved…not much though.

Bottom line is we are excited. We know we have something special, but we have to wait months for you to hear it.

Music lives. It’s the same band, Crazy Horse, but the music is unlike Barn, our last offering. Music lives!!!!! Two records made in one year!!!!!!! love and be well neil