Hi! Like so many others, I've left Spotify as a streaming platform. For known reasons. My new choice was Tidal. When I discovered that not your entire catalog was available on Tidal, I was both disappointed and confused. As I understand it, your reason is that you are not satisfied with the streaming quality on Tidal. I have two questions. On Spotify, you had your entire catalog even though the quality is worse than on Tidal. For me it becomes inconsistent so why? I also wonder why some of your albums are available on Tidal. In the name of consistency, it should be all or none. Finally, an appeal that you change your mind and put your entire catalog on Tidal. Best wishes from Beje (a Swedish fan since the days of Buffalo Springfield)

Beje Sorry. Tidal was identifying my music as masters. BUT they are MQA copies. run through MQA conversion that noticeably compromises the quality. They refused to stop calling them masters. I took them down. Misleading advertising. love be well n